Please consider participating in the AIS Survey

The goal of AIS survey is to solicit information from experts and stakeholders to develop a roadmap of AIS needed capabilities and to understand the challenges in bringing promising AIS technology from state-of-the-art to state-of-practice.

AIS capabilities include not just systems, subsystems and components, but also features, tools, methods, processes, and enabling capabilities. For example, artificial intelligence is widely recognized as an AIS enabling technology. Challenges to moving AISs to state-of-practice might include methods to protect  sensitive learner data.

This survey covers the difficulty in designing, developing and applying AIS enabling technologies (tools and methods), the maturity of AIS enabling technologies, the current performance of AIS enabling technologies, barriers to needed AIS tools and methods, and emerging AIS technologies.

The survey is composed of about 50 questions and has been designed to be completed in about 30-60 minutes. The survey will be available through the end of May 2021. Please consider sharing your expertise and advice.