Dr. Robert Sottilare

Director of Learning Sciences, Soar Technology

CEO and Principal Consultant, Adaptive Instructional Consultants LLC

Dr. Robert Sottilare is the Chairman of the Board for the Adaptive Instructional Systems (AIS) Consortium under IEEE-ISTO, and Director of Learning Sciences at Soar Technology, Inc. He is also CEO and Principal Consultant at Adaptive Instructional Consultants LLC. He has nearly 40 years of experience as a researcher, developer and evaluator of instructional technology and training systems. His experience spans government (US Army and Navy science & technology organizations), industry and academia. His recent research has focused on adaptive instruction including learner and team modeling, automated authoring tools, AI-based real-time instructional management, and evaluation methods for intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs).  At the US Army Research Laboratory, he founded and led the adaptive training science & technology program and is the father of the award-winning Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT), an adaptive instructional architecture. He is widely published with over 240 technical papers with nearly 2500 citations.

Dr. Sottilare has a long history as a leader, speaker and supporter of learning sciences. He is a senior member of the IEEE and founding Chair of the IEEE AIS Working Group, Chair of the HCII AIS Conference and is a former Program Chair of the Defense & Homeland Security Simulation Conference. Dr. Sottilare is an associate editor for the IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies Journal and has held membership in the AI in Education Society, the Florida AI Research Society, the IEEE Computer Society, the IEEE Standards Association, the National Defense Industry Association and the National Training Systems Association. He is a faculty scholar and taught ITS theory and design at the graduate level. He spent over 10 years as an appointed visiting lecturer at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY where he taught a senior level colloquium in adaptive training methods and ITS design. Dr. Sottilare earned a patent (#7,525,735) for a high resolution, head mounted projection display using virtual target technologies to support virtual, live (embedded) and augmented reality training. He is a recipient of the US Army Meritorious Service Award (2018), the US Army Achievement Medal for Civilian Service (2008), the National Training & Simulation Association (NTSA) Team Award for Education & Human Performance (2019) for his contributions to GIFT, and two lifetime achievement awards in Modeling & Simulation: US Army RDECOM (2012; inaugural recipient) and the NTSA Governor’s Award (2015). Recently won best tutorial for his short course on the “Fundamentals of Adaptive Instructional Systems” at the 2020 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education Conference (IITSEC).

Michelle Barrett Headshot

Dr. Michelle D. Barrett

Vice President of Research and Learning Engineering, Edmentum

Dr. Michelle D. Barrett is Vice President of Research and Learning Engineering for Edmentum, an organization committed to making it easier for educators to individualize learning for every student and to being educators’ most trusted partner in creating successful student outcomes everywhere learning occurs. In her current role, Dr. Barrett guides Edmentum’s research policies and agenda and the design and instrumentation of technologies that improve learner outcomes. Following a first career as a mechanical engineer, Dr. Barrett started her career in education in the classroom, teaching middle and high school mathematics. She has since served as a policy analyst for the Colorado Commission on Higher Education, a consultant within the Colorado Department of Education, and in research, technical, and leadership roles at CTB/McGraw-Hill and Pacific Metrics, and ACT. For the past 15 years, her primary career focus has been the development of software, algorithms, and analytics for assessment and learning solutions. Dr. Barrett is published in the Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, the Journal of Educational Measurement, and Psychometrika and has contributed to book chapters on the topics of measurement and learning engineering. She also holds certifications in Scaled Agile, Lean Six Sigma, and Pragmatic Marketing. Dr. Barrett chaired the IEEE Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering SIG on AI and Adaptive Technology in 2018-2019, served on the Program Board for the 2020 and 2021 Human Computer Interaction International Adaptive Instructional Systems Conferences, and currently serves as a reviewer for multiple peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Barrett earned her Bachelor of Science from Stanford University, her Master of Education from Harvard University, a graduate certificate in large scale assessment from the University of Maryland, and her Doctorate of Philosophy in research methodology, data analysis, and measurement from the University of Twente, Netherlands.

Chryso Christodoulou

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Digipro Education Limited & FUNecole® Research Institute

Chryso Christodoulou is the co-founder of Digipro® Education Limited and the founder of FUNecole® Research Institute. For 30 years Chryso led the Research and Development Department of the FUNecole® Research Institute and coordinated European funded projects in collaboration with EU Ministries of Education, Universities, Pedagogical Institutes and Private Schools. Her academic background is in Computer Science and Education. Chryso is the designer and developer of the FUNecole®, a recognized good practice by the Institute of Prospective Technological Studies of the European Commission. Chryso is the author and editor of the FUNecole Step by Step portfolios series and the digital content of the FUNecole® Teacher Development platform.

Chryso is an appointed external educational expert and evaluator for the JRC Institute of Prospective Technological Studies of the European Commission. Chryso leads numerous teacher development workshops funded by European National Agencies. Her work is published by scientific publications, was awarded the title of Woman of the Year in Entrepreneurship in 2001 and she is appointed by EC, European Ambassador of Entrepreneurship. Chryso is an invited Keynote speaker and panelist In Conferences around the world. Her last invited “live” speaker post was at FETC2020 in Miami, USA conference where she presented a workshop on “Disrupting the Education Ecosystem and Re-imagining learning with AI”. She is also an IEEE AIS Consortium Board Member.

Dr. Xiangen Hu

Senior Researcher, Institute for Intelligent Systems

Dr. Xiangen Hu is a professor in the Department of Psychology, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department at The University of Memphis (UofM) and senior researcher at the Institute for Intelligent Systems (IIS) at the UofM and is professor and Dean of the School of Psychology at Central China Normal University (CCNU). Dr. Hu received his MS in applied mathematics from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, MA in social sciences and Ph.D. in Cognitive Sciences from the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Hu is the Director of Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Partnership Laboratory at the UofM, and is a senior researcher in the Chinese Ministry of Education’s Key Laboratory of Adolescent Cyberpsychology and Behavior.

Dr. Hu’s primary research areas include Mathematical Psychology, Research Design and Statistics, and Cognitive Psychology. More specific research interests include General Processing Tree (GPT) models, categorical data analysis, knowledge representation, computerized tutoring, and advanced distributed learning. Dr. Hu has received funding for the above research from the US National Science Foundation (NSF), US Institute of Education Sciences (IES), ADL of the US Department of Defense (DoD), US Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (USAMRAA), US Army Research Laboratories (ARL), US Office of Naval Research (ONR), UofM, and CCNU.

Richard Tong

Chief Architect and General Manager of US Operations, Squirrel AI Learning

Richard Tong is the Chief Architect and General Manager of US Operations, Squirrel AI Learning. He currently serves as the Chair of IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee and Vice-Chair of IEEE artificial intelligence Standards Committee. Prior to Squirrel Ai, he was the Head of Implementation, Greater China Region for Knewton, and Director of Solution Architecture for Amplify Education. He also served as the CTO of Phoenix New Media (NYSE:FENG). Richard is an experienced technologist, executive, entrepreneur and one of the leading evangelists for global standardization effort for learning technologies and artificial intelligence.