The AIS Consortium (the “Consortium”) is a not-for-profit organization formed under the IEEE Industry Standards & Technology Organization (ISTO). This charter is a companion document to the Consortium’s articles of incorporation and bylaws that sets forth the Consortium’s mission, goals, and value to its stakeholders. An “AIS solution” means a product that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies to help people learn. The mission of the Consortium is to promote the development and adoption of effective AIS solutions and to support the industry and organizations that produce them.

The Consortium and its members will strive to:

  • Earn and maintain the trust of users, stakeholders, and the public in AIS solutions
  • Produce AIS solutions that are reliable, transparent, and unbiased
  • Conduct business ethically and with integrity
  • Respect every learner’s privacy, protect their data, and use it only with their permission
  • Promote fair competition in the AIS marketplace
  • Seek and provide independent and rigorous evaluations of AIS solutions
  • Advance the acceptance of international AIS interoperability and data standards
  • Provide a range of AIS solutions to serve all learners in the world

The Consortium will use its resources to engage in activities that achieve Consortium goals including without limitation:

  • Running and sponsoring events and providing members with networking opportunities
  • Publishing industry studies and reports
  • Providing open-source AIS solutions
  • Providing software components and datasets
  • Providing certification programs for AIS solutions
  • Publicizing the products and services of Consortium members
  • Engaging in and supporting standards development

The Consortium shall be governed by a Board of Directors (BoD) and managed by an Executive Director (ED) who reports to the BoD and is responsible for meeting objectives and tasks assigned by the BoD. The BoD, ED, and all members shall operate in accordance with the Consortium Bylaws and policies.