Adaptive Instructional Systems Consortium

Our Mission

The mission of the AIS Consortium is to support the adoption and advancement of products that use artificial intelligence and advanced technologies to help people learn. Stakeholders include, but are not limited to: product and service providers, instructional designers, instructors, trainers, learning and development organizations, teachers and school districts, learning engineers and scientists, researchers, foundations, and government agencies.


A Contributor Member must be a corporation, partnership, joint venture, trust, Limited Liability Company, business association, governmental entity or other entity. All Contributor Members must execute a Membership Agreement and pay the membership dues.

The Consortium will use its resources to engage in activities that achieve Consortium goals including without limitation:

  • Running and sponsoring events and providing members with networking opportunities
  • Publishing industry studies and reports
  • Providing open-source AIS solutions
  • Providing software components and datasets
  • Providing certification programs for AIS solutions
  • Publicizing the products and services of Consortium members
  • Engaging in and supporting standards development


Three committees have been launched:

  • The Resource Repository Committee
  • The Evaluation and Certification Committee
  • The Outreach Committee